Shayari On Life || Hindi Shayari on Life...

Shayari On Life reminds you of the good and bad days associated with Life here as we have been presented with a beautiful picture expressing Shayari. Hindi and English have been written alternately in two lines and the Shayari of this type is given below. Like - shayari on life in english, best shayari on life, shayari on life in hindi I hope you will definitely like.

Shayari On Life
Life is lost

Shayari On Life
Life is lost, everyone wins and loses.
This is a stone in my bag, all my loved ones have killed.

गमे जिन्दगी के मारे है, हर बाजी जीत कर हारे है ।
ये जो मेरी झोली में पत्थर है, सब मेरे चाहने वालों ने मारे है ।

Hindi Shayari on Life

Do not live right, we will be happy to kill.
The world stung us, we will reject the world.

जीते जी ना सही, हम मारकर खुश कर जायेगे।
दुनियां ने हमको ठोकर मारी, हम दुनियां को ठुकरा कर जायेंगे ।

Shayari On Life

By creating false love, who have been deceiving the world.
Those who do infidelity to the world, today they have come to call us infidel.

झूठी मुहब्बत फरेब रचाकर, जो दुनियां को धोखा देते आये हैं ।
जो करते है दुनियां से  बेवफ़ाई, आज वो हमें बेवफा  कहने आये हैं ।

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