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Often there is a rift between lovers. The one who hurts the hearts of love-lovers. And they remain unhappy. We have written this kind of poetry by expressing the same sentiments. shayari sad, new sad shayari, latest sad shayari, very sad shayari, sad shayari in english, etc. These shayari have been written in Hindi - English languages ​​with sad images, we hope that the heart will be relieved by reading the shayari written. If you like our poetry, do not forget to comment and share. If you want to read other types of poetry, then go to the home page.

Shayari Sad
Ik Bewafa Vo Hote Hai

Shayari Sad

A bewafa is those who have been unfaithful since ages.
We are unfaithful, who disbelieve in infidelities.

 इक बेवफा वो होते है, जो जमाने से बेवफ़ाई करते है ।
इक हम बेवफा है, जो बेवफाओं से बेवफ़ाई करते है ।

Itane Shokhe Khae Pyaar Mein

Eat so much deception in love, now there is no courage to cheat.
Eat so much love, no more courage to eat wounds.

इतने धोखे खाये प्यार में, अब हिम्मत ना रही धोखा  खाने की ।
इतने जख्त खाये प्यार में, अब हिम्मत ना रही जख्म खाने की ।

Baithe Hain Ham Mahafil Mein
We are sitting in the temple, for drinking poison.
Saki, sipping two sips, for poison medicine.

बैठे हैं हम महफिल में, जहर पीने के वास्ते ।
दो घूंट पिला दे साकी, जहर दवा के वास्ते ।

Tum Jakhmi Dil Rakhte Ho To
Very Sad Shayari

If you have a wounded heart, we also shed blood.
Suppose if you are a pen player, we also shoot close arrows.

तुम जख्मी दिल रखते हो तो, हम भी लहू दिल का बहाते है ।
माना तुम कलम के खिलाड़ी हो तो, हम भी नज़रे के तीर चलाते है ।


Teer To Ham Bhee Chala Sakate Hai
We can also shoot arrows, but archery is no longer the era.
We can also love hearts, but our era is no longer about flirtation.

तीर तो हम भी चला सकते है, मगर अब जमाना नहीं रहा तीरांदाजी का।
दिल तो हम भी लगा सकते है मोहतरमा, मगर हमारा जमाना नहीं रहा इश्कबाजी का ।

Kabhee Ham BheeTeer Chalaaya Karate The
Shayari Sad

Sometimes we used to shoot arrows, sometimes we used to sing of Nagma Wafa.
You used to have beauties, sometimes we used to give heart.

कभी हम भी तीर चलाया करते थे, कभी नगमे वफा के गाया करते थे ।
महफिल होती थी तुम हसीनों की, कभी हम भी दिल लगाया करते थे ।

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