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In this post you will get latest Hindi shayari and we hope you will like it. Which Shayari is posted in Hindi and English. Only for girlfriends. You can set these Hindi Shayari as all social media like Whatsapp or share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Hindi Shyari

Jis jameen pe
aashiyaan tha khuda

Hindi Shyari

God, who had hopes on the ground, did electricity have to fall the same.
The bud I loved, was that bud to be sold?

जिस जमीं पे आशियां था खुदा, क्या बिजली को भी वही गिरना था।
जिस कली से मुझे प्यार था, क्या उस कली को ही बिकना था ।
Tum kyon bhool jaana

Hindi Shyari

Why do you want to forget, why do you want to bury me live.
The world has persecuted a lot, why do you want to persecute me too?

तुम क्यों भूल जाना चाहते हो, क्यों मुझे जीते जी दफनाना चाहते हो ।
बहुत सताया है जमाने ने, क्यों मुझे तुम भी सताना चाहते हो ।

                         Apana ghar baar chhod diya

Left my home bar, in the name of your love.
He also maligned the suffering heart, in the name of your love.

अपना घर बार छोड़ दिया, तेरे प्यार के नाम पर।
तड़पते दिल को बदनाम भी किया, तेरे प्यार के नाम पर ।

Khuda jaane kab hongee

When will I know God, humpe mehraban saki
We are just sitting with empty scales.

खुदा जाने कब होंगी,हमपे मेहरबां साकी ।
हम तो बस खाली, पैमाना लिये बैठे है ।

Main pyaar tumhen
karatee hoon

Hindi Shyari

 I love you, take me whenever you want.
You leave my body and ask for life whenever you want.

मैं प्यार तुम्हें करती हूँ, जब चाहे मुझे अजमा लो सागर ।
मेरा बदन छोड़कर तुम, जब चाहे जान मांग लो सागर ।

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