Sherin Shayari || Best Shayari …

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Sherin Shayari

Main pyaar to tumako karatee hoon
  Sherin Shayari || Best Shayari ...

I love you, the enemy is the age of love.

I know Sagar, you have to cheat on two steps.

मैं प्यार तो तुमको करती हूँ, दुश्मन प्यार का जमाना है ।
मैं जानती हूँ सागर, दो कदम पे  धोखा खाना है ।

The world has maligned, you also do malign me.
The world said to be unfaithful, you can also call me Akash.

दुनियां ने बदनाम किया, तुम भी कर दो बदनाम मुझे ।
दुनियां ने बेवफा कहा, तुम भी कह दो आकाश मुझे ।

Sherin Shayari

You have come to extinguish love, go after extinguishing love.
The ocean is full of money, just to pay the price.

प्यार बुझाने आये हो, प्यार बुझाकर ही जाना ।
मैखाना भरा है सागर, बस कीमत चुका कर जाना ।



Nobody saw my heart, nor did my heart reach.
Most of all I thought of it as unfaithful, who heard my name.

किसी ने मेरा दिल ना देखा, ना दिल का पैगाम हुआ।
सबसे मुझे बेवफा समझा, जिस जिस ने मेरा नाम सुना ।

Sherin Shayari

The strings were twisted, erasing the stains of love.
Your love has become infamous, the name is forgotten by you.

दामन तार तार हो गया,दाग मुहब्बत का मिटाते मिटाते ।
तेरा प्यार बदनाम हो गया, नाम तेरा भुलाते भुलाते ।

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